Become the Trailblazer of Ethical Intimacy

Intimacy is part of everyday life as much as talking about it is a common taboo. In this workshop, you will discover that how you get things done is what truly matters.


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April 22nd – May 24th, 2024



Unlock Your Full Potential and Make Real Difference

The RedCheeks Academy invites you to a world beyond tests and grades. Join us to learn how to:

Produce intimate scenes ethically

🎯 Discover more effectiveness through empathy, and learn how caring about people makes your work more meaningful.

Resolve complex problems with ease

🎯 Confidently navigate through difficult conversations and discover more connection in your relationships.

Bring your ideas to life

🎯 Learn how to connect with your ideal audience and get a headstart by launching your project or business.


“Intimacy on Screen is really amazing. Izabela’s extensive real-world adult production experience is what sets this workshop apart from the others.”

Alison Boden

Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition

What People Say


I have known Izabela for several years.  Her passion, drive and check-ins with models on film sets made all the difference. She is my sHero!



I loved this workshop! I wish there was more of it!



It’s like a new world opened before me. Thank you for what you’re doing. Hope to talk to you in real life 💗



I have worked with Izzy on a number of projects, and she has always been professional and considerate and has incredible insight into even the most sensitive topics within the industry. I enthusiastically recommend working with Izzy whenever you have the opportunity.

Jason Domino


I loved every single part of this workshop, and I wish it was longer because I enjoyed it so much! From my colleagues to my coach. From the topics to the prompts and the guest coaches ❤️ Thank you SO MUCH for this opportunity!



I support and love what you do! Thank you!



Determined about anything she creates, Izabela is driven with a peculiar eye for detail and an enjoyable vibe all around.

Erika Figabomba


I really like the workshop. I have learned a lot of things and concepts, and I have met people and made connections 🥰 Thank you very much!



I deeply admire and respect RedCheeks’ efforts for free intimacy education. Their podcasts are insightful. Participate in workshops and subscribe to the newsletter. It’s worth it.

David Cohen

How it Works


Listen to special podcast episodes introducing key topics of each module.


Solo Work
Perform experiments on your own and practice what you’ve learned.


Group Work
A 90-minute live call once per week to integrate new principles into your practice.


Practice the art of giving and receiving feedback in a safe and respectful environment.


Guest Lectures
Weekly lectures from industry experts and alumni who will share invaluable insights.


1-on-1 Coaching
Book up to three 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Izzy or one of our coaches.


Course Curriculum


Learning through Exploration and Reflection

Learning isn’t solely fueled by accumulating knowledge, which is why this workshop is deliberately light on content.

The core of the workshop lies in the guided individual, group, and collective activities. Approach these activities as personal explorations. They are simple and powerful but not easy. Embrace the challenge, lean in, and witness your potential grow rapidly.

Program Platforms

Weekly Teaching via Podcast

Solo Exercises

Group Exercises

Zoom calls and Discord

Coaching Calls

Group Calls

Alumni Community

Guest Lectures

1-on-1 Coaching with Izzy

WhatsApp and Discord

Ask for Support

Share Your Experience

Open Community
Pop-up Calls

5-Week Course Schedule

Guest lecture

Group call

1-on-1 coaching

Tuesday 6 PM – 8 PM CET

Thursday 6 – 8 PM CET

60 minutes scheduled on your own time

Guest lecture

Group call

1-on-1 coaching

Tuesday 6 PM – 8 PM CET

Thursday 6 – 8 PM CET

60 minutes scheduled on your own time

Guest lecture

Group call

1-on-1 coaching

Tuesday 6 PM – 8 PM CET

Thursday 6 – 8 PM CET

60 minutes scheduled on your own time

Guest lecture

Group call

1-on-1 coaching

Tuesday 6 PM – 8 PM CET

Thursday 6 – 8 PM CET

60 minutes scheduled on your own time

Guest lecture

Group call

1-on-1 coaching

Tuesday 6 PM – 8 PM CET

Thursday 6 – 8 PM CET

60 minutes scheduled on your own time

Workshop Pricing

2024 Workshop Dates:
April 22 – May 24, 2024

Apply Before:
March 29, 2024

Question? Email us:

Intimacy on Screen Workshop

Learn About Ethics in the Production of Intimate Scenes


👉 5 weeks of guidance

👉 Curated selection of books

👉 Safe space for deep learning

👉 Solo exercises

👉 1 year access to our community

👉 Small group exercises

👉 Guest lectures

👉 1-on-1 coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Any other questions?
Reach out, and we’ll be happy to help.

Izabela has found that personal and professional problems with intimacy arise from the same fundamental source. Our mind doesn’t know the difference, and we are the same person encountering any challenge we face, regardless of where we face it. Working on the root cause can benefit anyone.

There are no formal prerequisites, but you will get the most out of this experience if you are committed to doing the work, willing to be transparent and vulnerable, responsible for your own learning and enjoyment, and clear on the aspect of practice you want to work on.

Intimacy on Screen is offered six times a year.

Yes. During the application process, you will have access to a pre-written template, which you can use to explain the program’s value to your manager or company and request reimbursement. Many organisations provide professional development stipends to their employees.

Yes, you can pay in instalments. Contact us for more details at academy@redcheeks.org.

In some cases use the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) formula to adjust the pricing of our online intimacy workshops for different countries. This ensures that our courses are financially accessible to a diverse global audience, taking into account the varying cost of living and currency values in each location.

Intimacy on Screen practices takes four to five hours a week. Any additional homework is optional, though recommended, and can take one to two additional hours.

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